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Nastech Retail Sales of Computers and Accessaries, Communication Equipments, Software and Hardware Including Configuration of PABX after Purchased

Nastech retail sales deals with all kinds of Computers, such as Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, HP, Sony, Gateway, and also have in stock powerful labtop computer. We also sale printers and scanners, both office and commercial type. monitor and security aparatus. we also deal in automaic keys and keyless lock as well as biometric locks. We also have communication equipmene such as PABX and its phone. Walking taking are alos sold as well.

All in all, all what nastech will tell you is just click and and see it your self. This is your one stop high technological equipments and its installation as perfect as you will like it.

We also have wireless equipments, both Wifi and Wimax, atenna, dish and cables.



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This is the most important type of computer hardware. It is a circuit board, whereon different parts of the system are set up. All input devices work when they are connected to the motherboard. RAM, CPU, and other crucial peripherals are installed on the computer motherboard. You can say that this is what runs the whole computer system.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
The RAM is a small chip that fits on the motherboard. It does the job of storing data on a temporary basis. RAM chips are generally available from 256 MB to 6 GB or more and are upgradeable. The more the RAM, the faster the computer system will function.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
The CPU is a small chip installed on the motherboard that does the job of running computer programs. It is more commonly referred to as the computer processor. The speed of computer functioning also depends a lot on the processor's capacity. Without the CPU, you will not be able to play games, browse the web, or run any other applications on the system.


The computer monitor is another important hardware that at present comes in the conventional CRT, LCD and plasma types. The printer and scanner are computer hardware which are mostly used in offices. Nowadays, both these two devices come in a single device for better space and energy consumption. Pen drives are small but extremely useful peripherals of computers. These are the ones which have substantially reduced the use of data CDs to transfer files and media. DVD drives are parts of computer which can be used for viewing data from DVDs.

These are just a few of the different types of hardware devices used in information technology. There are many others such as audio and video graphic cards, router, modem, PCI cards, cabinet, etc. The types and specifications of these computer hardware devices cannot be certain, as many useful advanced technologies are being introduced in them lately.


Sales of Computer HArdware

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Due to advancements in Information Technology (IT), there have been various technologies that are being used all over the world. And when it comes to technology, a combination of hardware and software is evident. There are many different types of hardware and software that we use in our day-to-day lives, be it at a personal or professional level. Day by day new computer hardware technology is being put to use.

The types of devices mentioned below are individual components which play a very important role in making the operation of the system possible. This is just a brief explanation of all parts.

Hard Drive
The hard drive is where all the program files are stored for retrieval or further operation. There are many storage capacities of hard drives which normally range from 80 GB to 1 TB or more. External hard drives are also available nowadays with a storage capacity of around 8 TB.

Power Supply Unit
As the name suggests, this device is responsible for providing the system with power to function. It is an electrical box fitted inside at the back of the cabinet, which connects to and powers the motherboard, disk drives, and other similar components. It also has a fan for cooling purpose in case of overheating.

Miscellaneous Computer Hardware
The above mentioned hardware were only the basic ones. There are many other parts which can be considered as computer hardware. The floppy drive is one hardware component that accepts the floppy for data processing. Today no one uses these drives though. The computer keyboard is another essential part of computer hardware which allows the user to control the programs and commands. The keyboard is then accompanied by the computer mouse that is an input device which helps the user select programs on the screen.


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